The Very Scary Potato.

My niece Payton, on her eighth birthday, read a story that I wrote which I was hoping to get published. I thought, "whose opinion on a children's story is better than a child's?"

After she read my story, she told me that she loves writing, too, and that at school she wrote a story about a potato. I told her that I'd love to read it. "I don't have it here," she said, "but I can remember it by heart."

She grabbed a pencil and paper, sat with me at the kitchen counter, and began writing her story: The Very Scary Potato.

The following week, I received a letter in the mail from her. She had posted her story to me, which I thought was very cute. I then thought that it might be a cool idea to illustrate her story for her and turn it into a little book as a way of maybe encouraging her to continue writing. I thought it might be cool for her to see her name on a book written by her along with some illustrations of the characters she created.

Here is her story, illustrated by me, of the Very Scary Potato.

© 2020

by Thomas Rimmer. 

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