The following is a list of cartoon and illustration services.

All cartoons and illustrations are completely hand-drawn. 

Please e-mail for more information, to arrange a quote, or to place an order.

Wish You A Happy Birthday


Sick of the same old boring Birthday and Christmas cards?

Is there something you want to say but can't find a card for it?

I will create an original card for you for whatever occasion.

We can discuss options over e-mail. If you have ideas, let me know; if you want me to come up with something myself, that won't be a problem either.

Email to arrange a quote.

Custom Illustrations

Do you want an original piece of art for you or a loved one?

Do you need an illustration for a campaign, promotion, magazine, or some other commercial use?

I can draw anything you like.

Let's talk!

Email to arrange a quote.

Bananas in Pyjamas.jpg


Do you publish a magazine, newspaper, or website?

Cartoons are a fun addition to any publication.

Whatever you have in mind, I can deliver.

Let me know what I can do for you.

Email to arrange a quote.

Harry DaVinci.jpg
Cuddles Picasso.jpg

Animal Artists

Do you have a favourite pet?

Do you have a favourite artist?

I will draw your favourite pet in the style of an artist of your choosing.

Simply e-mail me a photograph of your beloved pet and the name of your favourite artist, and I'll create an original illustration just for you.

The illustration will be in coloured pencil, and I can either e-mail it through to you, or post it at an additional cost.

Email tom@thomasrimmer to arrange a quote.

Scary Potato cover.jpg

Book Illustration

Have you written a book?

Is there something missing?

Whether you just want a cover design for your latest novel, or an entire children's picture book illustrated, I can help you make your creation really stand out.

Email to arrange a quote.