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About Thomas Rimmer

Thomas Rimmer is a New Zealand character actor and writer. His unconventional looks, short stature and offbeat, quirky personality mean he's right at home playing edgy or eccentric characters and outsiders.

Thomas was born in Reading, Berkshire, England and raised in Tauranga, New Zealand where, at the age of 16, the fondness he already had for performing turned into a passion. In early 2000 he moved to New Zealand's capital, Wellington, to pursue a career in acting.

Since then Thomas has performed in many theatre productions such as The DevilsA Midsummer Night's Dream and Ladies' Night, while his film and Television credits include roles in Bill Hunt's horror feature Fundamental, Danny Mulheron's comedy/horror Fresh Meat and Bryan Bruce's crime documentary series The Investigator.

Thomas is a lover of comedy and is mostly influenced by British comedy actors such as Rowan Atkinson, Steve Coogan and John Cleese, as well as the rest of the Monty Python Troupe. While British comedy has greatly impacted Thomas' life and art, one of his biggest influences is Canadian American actor Jim Carrey, who was the first actor to make Thomas view acting as a valid career choice rather than jut a hobby.

Thomas is also a great admirer of Johnny Depp and Dustin Hoffman, for both their comedy and dramatic work. While comedy is Thomas' first love, he still has a huge interest in drama, especially drama that is heavily character driven.

Thomas is also a poet and playwright and in 2011 he wrote, produced and performed in his solo show Writer's Block, which is loosely based on his poem of the same name. Writer's Block  is a black comedy which deals with insomnia and depression and views the world through the eyes of a struggling writer, Dick Pratt, who is an alcoholic, Shakespeare obsessed loner who battles with his own descent into madness.

Thomas' latest project is the short film Dear Mr. Benjamin Ravensdale, which he wrote and directed and also acted in.

Thomas is currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.
Thomas Rimmer actor
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